• The average lifespan of caulking products exposed to UV Rays is approximately 5 to 10 years. We take the time to touch up all existing caulking, and add some where it may be missing.
  • The majority of homes have inadequate or improperly installed attic ventilation. Improper attic ventilation can cause poor air quality and contribute to mold growth in your home.

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​​Debris All over your yard?

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Lawn care, cleaning out the eavestroughs, or cleaning windows is what comes to mind when we think of exterior home maintenance. We don't usually think to reapply caulking to siding, doors, roof and concrete products; or check the condition of the brick mortar or the attic ventilation. These are the types of problems we address with our exterior home maintenance service.

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Eavestrough and Downspouts Cleaned

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​Phone: 613-518-8882

Email: admin.hhome@bell.net

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Re-application of caulking (Additional for windows if requested)

Looking for additional protection?

We all know it can be very costly to call a tradesmen in an emergency. If you are expecting trouble, or would just like the added security, we offer an advanced emergency service call for 1/4 the price of your average minimum service fee. For a low cost of $125, the Home and Housing Construction team is ready to respond to your emergency service call, providing up to 4 man-hours of labour, the equipment, experience and expertise to find and resolve the problem quickly. This offer does not include material cost and does not apply to plumbing, HVAC or electrical repairs.

Why use this service?

Are you finding nails or other metal debris in your yard? Even a single loose nail an cause serious injury to you, or your loved ones. Let us help with a full magnet sweep service! We use a system of high powered magnets to remove debris from the ground and provide a clean and safe yard. This service starts as low as $50 Dollars.

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The exterior construction of your home is a system that prevents water penetration, provides a thermal break and ventilation to the entire structure. Even the most beautifully finished homes can have minor problems that can lead to costly repairs. Our exterior home maintenance program is the first step to resolving any issues that could lead to these costly repairs.

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